Work for

Altitude Wireless


Tower Technician

⦁    Familiar with proper procedures for all types of rigging operations.  Ability to perform and inspect certain types of rigging operations.
⦁     Ability to learn basic civil work skills used to build new telecommunications sites.  (pour concrete, carpentry, landscaping, heavy equipment operation, etc.)
⦁    Ability to assist in the building of all types of communication sites.  (self-Supporting, guyed, monopoles, and rooftops).
⦁    Prefer experience conducting PIM and sweep testing (certification desirable).
⦁    Connector and RET certified preferred.
⦁    Basic first aid/CPR trained and certified.
⦁    Ability to operate power tools and the use of hand tools that are required.
⦁    Will be required to pass a pre-employment background check and drug screen.

⦁    High school diploma or equivalent
⦁    Ability to climb and work at heights
⦁    Ability to lift to 100 lbs.
⦁    Ability to work outside in all conditions including but not limited to snow, rain, wind and extreme temperatures.
⦁    Ability to perform a variety of labor intensive tasks. 

Top Hand


Top hand is expected to be a competent and safe climber that can handle the simplest to very complicated tasks that are asked of him.  They will be expected to work hard and efficient and be able to be on the tower for extended periods of time.  Must be willing to learn the technology that they are on and cross train in the areas where they have little to no knowledge.  Top Hand is expected to handle a variety of tasks given and be a reliable asset to the company.  

⦁    Safety – follow proper safety guidelines and procedures on a company level and to be OSHA compliant.  MUST practice 100% tie off on all job sites.  
⦁    Must be able to read and follow construction drawings (CDs) or specialized methods of procedures (MOPs) to perform installation or maintenance on equipment sites.
⦁    Must have knowledge on a variety of different equipment and familiar with working with coax, fiber and experience with antennas, radios, configurations and decommission.
⦁    Ability to fully test a multitude of different pieces of equipment, sweeps, PIM, fiber testing, RETs.
⦁    Getting to and from place of employment and on time.
⦁    Knowledge of site evaluation for both hazards and complications.

Qualifications and Experience (MUST HAVE):
⦁    Structural experience with modification /tower erection /and decommissioning.
⦁    Climb/rescue certification
⦁    RF Awareness
⦁    First Aid/CPR
⦁    OSHA 10
⦁    Must be able to climb towers 100+ feet all with a 50 lbs. load.  Must be able to climb all variety of towers with no exception.

Qualifications and Experience (DESIRED):
⦁    Decommission Experience
⦁    Ability to work a wide range of tower
⦁    Experience with a variety of different technologies
⦁    Sweep Certification
⦁    PIM Certification
⦁    Fiber Certification
⦁    Experienced at installing and troubleshooting different carriers